Benelli MR1
AR compatible Mags, Non-Restricted, Collapsing stock, 1-9" twist, Semi-Auto... Coyotes and vermin watch out!
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Benelli R1
Benelli’s R1 big game rifle features simplicity, strength, and ingenious design. It’s built around the patented Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) piston-driven system.
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Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine 9mm Rifle
The Beretta Storm family was launched in 2003 with the Cx4 pistol-caliber carbine.  This innovative product is accurate, softshooting and easy to accessorize. Today’s shooter demands a gun that can accept a large assortment of accessories, and the Cx4 meets the challenge. A retractable Picatinny rail extends from the fore-end for mounting tactical lights. Picatinny rails can be mounted on either side (one side rail included) and bottom of the fore-end for lasers or forward grips. A full length aluminum top rail is included for mounting your optics. This light and compact gun also features a unique patented design that allows the user to reverse ejection and extraction with no special tools or additional parts. Combined with the reversible safety and magazine buttons, the Cx4 is the ideal solution for lefthanded shooters. Length-of-pull can be adjusted with the addition and removal of ½” spacers. This CX4 Variant is configured for Beretta 92-series Magazines.
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Browning A-Bolt 3
Today's firearms market has many different offerings in bolt action rifles and making a decision can be daunting. But it need not be. With the AB3 you can have the accuracy and performance you demand in a hunting rifle with more money left over for ammunition.
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Browning Bar Longtrac
The Bar is definitely not the only choice in today's crop of autoloading rifles, but none other possess the lasting beauty that the Bar affords.  
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Browning BLR Lightweight ’81
The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver, glass-smooth rack and pinion system and multi-lug rotating bolt that handles many of the most popular magnum cartridges, including the fast new WSMs. With a variety of finishes you can have the look you want.  
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Browning BLR Lightweight PG
Rugged yet regal, the BLR Lightweight Stainless with Pistol Grip is ready and waiting to be your next lever-action hunting rifle. The gloss finish on the Walnut stock contrasts beautifully with the satin-nickel finish on the receiver and the matte finish on the stainless barrel. This is what a serious lever-action rifle should be, and what every other lever-action wishes it was.
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Browning Eclipse Hunter
The X-Bolt Eclipse Hunter features a beautiful laminated stock that offers extra stability, a Monte Carlo cheekpiece for improved eye-to-scope alignment and a thumbhole grip for more consistent finger-to-trigger reach. These few changes result in elevated accuracy potential both in the field and from the bench, without adding significant weight. (Scope and Rings NOT included)
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Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter
The T-Bolt is a one-of-a-kind rifle that is elegant and fun to shoot. This flat-shooting rimfire features a slick straight-pull bolt that cycles fast and locks-up snug to the barrel for unmatched accuracy. Features a durable composite Monte Carlo-style stock with textured gripping surfaces and receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The 22" barrel free-floats and has a semi-match chamber and target muzzle crown. The three-layer trigger design combined with a short-travel firing pin give a crisp break, quick lock time, no take-up and minimal overtravel. Receiver is machined from steel barstock. Cocking effort is split between opening and closing for ease of operation. Includes dual action screws for solid attachment, and a spare magazine storage compartment in the stock. (scope and rings not included)
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Browning T-Bolt Composite Target/Varmint 22 WMR
T-Bolt. The return of a legendary rimfire. We all remember the first time squeezing a trigger, usually consisting of simply plinking a few tin cans. For some of us, those first shots were from an original Browning T-Bolt, one of the most accurate, handy and easy-to-shoot rimfires ever produced. Those days can now be relived with today’s T-Bolt, a rifle every bit the equal of the original, with several exciting new features that put this unique rifle in a class by itself. These modern versions rely on the classic straight-pull bolt-action design to chamber each cartridge fed from the new 10-round rotary box Double Helix™ (patent pending) magazine. The T-Bolt’s three-lever trigger offers a light, crisp break, and every barrel is free floating. For those of you who are serious about rimfire accuracy will appreciate the new T-Bolt Target/Varmint model. It features a walnut stock with raised Monte Carlo comb and a heavy varmint barrel designed to provide pinpoint accuracy that rivals many custom rimfires costing much more. (scope and rings not included)  
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Browning T-Bolt Sporter 17 HMR
The new Browning T-Bolt is every bit the equal of the original and adds several new features that put this rifle in a class by itself. The modern T-Bolt relies on the classic straight pull, bolt action design to chamber each cartridge fed from a reliable 10 round rotary box Double Helix magazine. The T-Bolt Sporter has a satin finished checkered walnut stock and a free floating medium sporter barrel without sights Receiver
  • Steel
  • Blued finish
  • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Medium sporter
  • Blued finish
  • Free floating
  • Semi-match chamber
  • Recessed crown
  • Straight pull bolt-action
  • Top-tang safety
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Satin finish walnut
  • Checkered
  • Sling swivel studs installed
  • Scope not included
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Browning X-Bolt Composite Stalker
Some gun companies get a good thing going and just stick with it, never moving beyond the basic design. Not Browning. The X-Bolt was conceived to be different, a totally new rifle from the ground up. Every piece of the x-Bolt was designed to function together to optimize performance for total accuracy. (Scope and rings not included)  
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