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Janurary 7/2016

Happy New Years everyone! This year is shaping up to be another great year! We have a shipments of new guns and gear coming, new ammo, reloading supplies its going to be great!

Look out for us at the Lloydminster Fish and Game Gun show January 23-24th!!

 December 3rd 2015

Katz Knives 25% OFF!!!

Below are some of the great knives available. Call for more!!

Reg Sale
Kagemusha NinjaPoint 279.99 209.99
Wild Kat Kraton 235.99 176.99
Phantom Tactical w Blonde wood 200.99 150.74
Divers 210.99 158.24


  1. Safari Kit Axe with Knife and Sheath. Reg. $362.99    Sale. $272.24


  1. Safari Expansion kit.  Reg. $271.99    Sale. $203.99
  • Left to right: Wood saw, Bone and meat saw, Boning blade, Fillet blade, Adapter. Comes with Leather Sheath (not shown)